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October, 2023

Preparing for revival

This past Sunday night I shared a video from this year's Pastor's Prayer Gathering in Little Rock that focused on ministering to and praying for "Gen-Z" (12 - 25-year-olds).  They represent a truly lost generation when it comes to having a vital relationship with the Lord. They are like the generation that is described in Judges 2:10 which says, "There arose a generation . . . who did not know the LORD or the work that He had done for Israel."

As we are preparing for our Fall Revival Services many of them just see it to mean that we are just having "extra Church services."  To be honest, that is how many adults look at Revival Services too.  I want to challenge you to realize that these special services are more than just a tradition or an excuse for more Church Services.  As we prepare and pray for these services, I want us to be clear about what we are desiring to happen.  

There are days in which we are seeking God's blessing and God's help when it comes to the problems that keep us from experiencing God's blessing.  On Sunday evening, September 24, 2023, while Andy led the adults in praying for Gen-Z and Revival, I met with the youth and children who were present.  We discussed what Revival was all about as we prayed together. 

I asked the young people these questions:  

  1.   What does God's blessing look like?
  2.   What are the problems that keep us from experiencing God's Blessings in our lives and families?

God's Blessings

  • Answered Prayer
  • God's help with problems
  • People caring for other people and their needs
  • Miracles - things only God can do
  • People Genuinely loving one another

Today's Problems that Hinder God's Blessing

  • Unbelief in God
  • Conflict between people
  • Unanswered prayer
  • People not caring about other people
  • Disrespect
  • Selfishness
  • Mean-ness
  • Prayerlessness

As we pray for our up-coming Revival Services, I do not think we could go wrong in praying with our children that God help us overcome those problems that hinder God's blessings in our lives, our homes, our Church, and our community in these days!  Please pray that God would help us experience His blessing as expressed by our children afresh!

Bro. Mike

September, 2023

Back to Church Sunday - September 17, 2023

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much more as you see the Day approaching.     Hebrews 10:25

As our church prepares to participate in this year's Back-To-Church Sunday this month on September 17, 2023, I want to share with you from an article found at

10 Reasons To Go To Church - Even When You Don't Fell Like It

Going to church is not about getting your attendance gold star, nor is it about gaining God's favor for the week because you assembled together with His people.  The Church is not a place to go, rather it is a living body where God wants you to become a part - for your good and His glory. 

When it comes to reasons to go to church, I hope you will consider these:

  1.   To Hear the Word Preached
  2.   To Participate in Corporate Worship
  3.   Because Iron Sharpens Iron
  4.   To Exercise Your Gift
  5.   To Encourage Your Pastor
  6.   To Find Godly Mentors
  7.   To Teach Your Kids to Love Church
  8.   To Be A Light To Your Community
  9.   To Bear Each Other's Burdens
  10.   Because God Says To

I hope you will check out the full article for yourself at  I also pray that you will plan to join us as all ages Study God's Word through one of our Small Groups (Sunday School) that begin each and every Sunday morning @ 9:45 AM (if you do not have a class, come join mine in the auditorium).  Please join us for worship as well @ 11:00 AM.  On September 17, 2023 @ 6:00 PM we will have a special Bacl-To-Church Concert with Johnny Parrack & The Wonder State Quartet.  It is going to be a great day.  

-  Bro. Mike